Is my bag waterproof? - The bags are made with Canvas and Nylon material, so they deflect all liquids that they come in contact with!

How do I wash my bag?All bags can be placed in the washing machine with COLD WATER. Make sure you take out the phone charger, interlocking rods, and all other contents of the bag!

Can I put my bag in the dryer?No. All bags should be air dried to ensure the integrity of the bag isn't compromised. 

How do I wash the cushion pad?The cushion pad comes in a nylon casing. Make sure you take the pad out of the casing to wash. ONLY put the pad in the dryer on LOW heat. You should not put the nylon casing in the dryer. 

How does the phone charger work?The phone charger component is used for as an access point to equip a portable charger inside the bag. The bag does not come with the charger, so you are able to equip the bag with one to your liking and power! There is a zippered pocket inside the bag to hold the charger and to keep it separate from other components in the bag. 

What is that white pocket inside the bag? - That pocket is the wet pocket! Anything that is wet, such as towels, clothes, blankets, etc., can go inside that zippered pocket to ensure that none of the other components of the bag get wet!

Are the stroller clips detachable?Yes! You will receive 2 stroller clips that can easily be detached from the bag. Some have found it easier to leave them on the stroller and just unclip the bag when needed! 

Are there any pieces on the bag that my baby can choke on? - Smaller items like zippers and straps can be dangerous to babies and young children, and should be kept away to ensure no injury occurs. 

How long does it take to assemble the changing station? Our record is 15 seconds! The table is very easy to assemble, as you just unzip the compartment, insert the interlocking support rods, lay the cushion pad, and you're done!

Can my baby sleep in the changing compartment? - The compartment is meant for changing purposes only, and is not AAP (American Association of Pediatrics) approved for sleeping purposes. 

Why is there Velcro on the back of the changing compartment? - This is to attach the sun flap that stretches over the changing table! If your baby is sitting in the compartment and wants some shade from the sun, the sun flap easily comes out of its pocket and stretches across the length of the table and Velcros to the back of the bag.

Are the shoulder straps adjustable? Yes they are! It is very easy to adjust your shoulder straps to meet your comfortability. 

How long does shipping take?Depending on which method you choose, our Express Shipping takes 7 days. With a product that will be around precious cargo, we want to ensure that all pieces and parts are secured. 

Will I receive a Tracking Number? - Yes you will! Processing orders takes about 2-3 days, so as soon as your order is shipped we will send you a tracking number! 

What if my bag breaks? - We offer a full replacement program for any broken or damaged bags within 30 days of the purchase date. Just pay shipping! 

What if I don't like my bag? - We don't ever see this happening, but on the rare occasion that you are not satisfied with your bag, we will provide you a full refund as long as the refund is submitted within 30 days of the purchase date. All refund inquiries can be submitted in the Contact Us page. 

Are there more colors to choose from?We release colors on a seasonal basis. Stay tuned!