About Us

     Baby On-The-Run is committed to deliver you and your baby the All-in-One Essential Diaper Bag that revolutionizes the way you travel. Inspired by the recent pandemic and the exhausted efforts to keep everybody safe and healthy, Baby On-The-Run puts the extra effort in by allowing you to keep your baby off of public changing tables and public surfaces while changing. We work with skilled manufactures to ensure that your bag is everything we promise it to be, and to fulfill the promise that innovation is what leads to a healthier and safer environment for your baby.

     Originating in Pittsburgh, PA, we understand and are constantly faced with the challenges of trying to limit contact with public surfaces in a large and busy city. We understand the legitimacy of the concern about your baby's health in uncertain times, as well as all opportunities to keep your baby safe in all matters. Founded by a rising pharmacist, we are able to have more knowledge on health and medical concerns that our bag overcomes, as this additional knowledge is what allows us to keep improving our design to keep you and your baby safe and healthy from unwanted germs and illnesses.

     With the inclusion of a creative designer, we were able to design a fun and trendy look for you to show off while you travel with your baby. We incorporate many innovative designs and utilities to make traveling with your baby simpler, yet fulfilling more than what other diaper bags provide to you. Baby On-The-Run is the next generation of convenient traveling. We promise you innovation, convenience, style, and and safety. Revolutionize the way you travel with you baby, with Baby On-The-Run.